eDP Cables

Products Details
eDP was developed specifically to be used in embedded display applications.
it's based on the VESA DisplayPort Standard, same electrical interface, same basic digital protocol but with some differencs added for eDP.

Data carried in eDP main link:
- video pixel data
- video timing information
- video format information
- video data error correction
- audio data (optional)
Data Carried in eDP AUX channel
-EDID information from Display
- Link Training protocol
- Display Control 
- Power management
- Error checking of main link data (CRC control)

eDP cable spec overview
Wire guage: 26/28/30/32/34AWG
Wire spec: UL1571/UL10064/UL20276 .....
Connector type: JAE, HRS, JST, AMP, IPEX, Molex, ACES, FCI, UJU, Panasonic....original and equivalent available.
Processing: auto-soldering for q'ty over 1K; manual-soldering for q'ty under 1K;
pitch number: ranged from 0.3mm to 4.2mm 

crimping/soldering procedure within this category complies with UL 486A-486B standard