Environmental Policy


NBS keeps GREEN in mind

we are committed to producing and delivering products in an environmentally sound and responsible manner.


Factories ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004 certified
Products UL certified, RoHS & REACH compliant

Specifically all applicable regulatory and legislative requirements will be met or surpassed by the development of environmentally sound practices and by the use of available technology.


Environment, health and safety

Through the involvement of our people, customers, suppliers, contractors, and other interested parties, we continue improving our environmental performance
From the facilities for production, material obtainment and supplier chain management,assembly process, sales operation, we continue to strengthen our environmenal, Heaelth and Safety performance by:


-Defining and developing a company culture where a concern for the environment, health and safety is established through example, involvement, recognition and training;
-Measuring EH&S performances against effective management systems, regulatory requirements and established annual goals and objectives;
-Analyzing the EH&S aspects of all new processes, materials and equipment;
-Improving our management systems in order to respond promptly to the findings of regularly scheduled internal and third-party EH&S audits
-Controlling and reducing environmental impact through material selection and use, implementation of best management practices, process improvements and recycling.