Pogo Pin Connectors

What is a Pogo Pin
Pogo pin contacts provide high cycle life in industrial and medical applications where reliability and robustness is critical.Pogo Pins provide 10,000 mating cycles and are ideal in pluggable module applications where the end customer has to handle a product daily.
Pogo pins are designed to mate with gold plated PCB pads or flat contacts in docking cradle appliations to function as the charging, data transfer or programming interface to a portable device
-base/docking stations for portable electronic devices to recharge batteries or download data
-testing and programming of electronic modules
-interface to disposable dedical or measurement components
Features and benefits
-Contacts range from 2.0mm to 5.5mm providing off-the-shelf availability for almost any application
-Each contact height provides the maximum working range and compressed height tolerance possible
Gold plated contacts provide high reliability and signal integrity over 10,000 cycles
Electrical                             Environmental                 Mechanical  
-Current Rating: 1 Amp        -Operating Temp:            -Contact Material: Brass  
-Voltage Rating:                   - -40℃ to 125℃              -Contact Plating: Gold over Nickel  
base on placement distance                                        -Spring material: SUS304  
                                                                                  -Durability: 10,000 Cycles